Our Domaine

An unique Terroir
Located in the Loroux Bottereau, our vineyard rests on a hill known as "la Butte de la Roche".
The vineyard is surrounded by the "marshes of Goulaine". These sites provide a particular micro climate that enables an early ripening of the fruit.
400 years of history
In the XVI century,le Clos du Vigneau, our oldest vineyard was planted by the owners of the "Château de la Butte de la Roche". Today, we are still producing some of our best wines from this vineyard.
Three generations working this unique Terroir
For three generations the Jussiaume Family worked passionately to produce Muscadet, which is known for its great quality and finesse.
A living passion
Today the Domaine de Guérande covers 20 hectares of mainly Muscadet. However, we produce another local white wine known as the Gros Plant which is characteristically dry and slightly acidic.
The medium bodied and fruit driven Gamay and Cabernet Franc are also produced in our vineyard.
An original varietal: The Melon de Bourgogne
Like it's name suggests, the Melon de bourgogne came from the Burgundy area.
In the XVII century it became the most important varietal in the wine region of Nantes giving rise to a fine and elegant white wine named Muscadet.
The Muscadet can be aged for more than 10 years on the lees. This ageing process allows the wine to show it best characteristics.
Lee Ageing: A traditional winemaking process
This wine process has had great success for Muscadet.
At the end of the alcoholic fermentation a deposit called the "lees" collects at the bottom of the cask.
This sediment is made up of dead yeast cells and macromolecules that give the wine its aromas and smoothness.
Ironically, the lees ageing process was discovered by mistake.
By tradition the growers kept a barrel of muscadet until the summer to celebrate the upcoming weddings.
The winemakers realized that the aged wine was better than the wine bottled earlier during the year, leading to the birth of "lees ageing".

Domaine de Guerande
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